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Frequently Asked Questions

It's my first time, what if I don't know anybody?

No worries, chances are that there is someone here from your school that you probably know. Find an adult and they'll be sure to point you in the right direction!


What schools do students come from?

We have students from most schools in Columbia County and the surrounding areas, including public, private, Christian, and homeschools.


Where are you located?

We are located at 2520 Ray Owens Rd, Appling, GA, 30802. Our students are primarily located in Building D on the Kiokee campus.


Where is Building D?

Building D is located behind the church, up the hill to the right. It's an old elementary school that has been renovated into our Student Building. It's where we do our Sunday School Classes and Midweek Service.


What do you offer for students on the weekend?

Both Middle and High School offer Discipling Groups (small group Bible studies) on Sunday Mornings during 9:45am. Head to our Sundays Page to read more.


What do you offer for students during the week?

Each Wednesday during the school year, we have our Midweek Service as well as a Fellowship Meal. Head to our Midweek Page to read more.


What if I need help?

Email us from the Our Team Page or give us a call from the number listed in the footer.


How can I get involved?

We love that question! Send us an email through the Our Team Page or give us a call at the number listed in the footer. There are several avenues for students to get involved, including our Student Worship Band, our Sound/Tech Crew, and more! For adults, there are also several avenues for you to get involved, including small groups, Midweek Leaders, substitutes, event help, host homes, drivers, cooks, and much more!

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